What's Included?

We want you to truly enjoy your adventure with us. We provide everything for you, with the exception of your personal items and clothing. We will pre-pack a suitable daypack or backpack with your outdoor essentials, as well as a sleeping bag, pad, and tent if an overnight trek. We will provide you with a packing list of personal items and clothing to bring in a small bag that you can transfer to your pack. (If you are an avid hiker and prefer to bring your own gear, we can modify what is provided; please discuss with us in advance.)

For day treks, trail snacks and/or lunch will be provided, depending on the length of the trip. For overnight backpacking treks, all meals and snacks will be provided. Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions. 

We will provide digital photos of your adventure within 72 hours of the completion of the trip.

Terms & Conditions

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Day Treks - We require payment in advance for day treks, either securely online via PayPal or by check. Cancellations with at least 48 hours notice will be fully refunded. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded. 

Overnight Treks - All overnight treks require a 25% deposit at time of booking, either securely online via PayPal or by check. The remaining balance is due and payable 7 days prior to your departure. If you are booking a trek within 7 days of departure, full payment is due at time of booking. Cancellations with at least 7 days notice will be fully refunded. Any cancellations made within 7 days of the trek will be refunded less the 25% deposit. 

Weather and Unforeseen Environmental Circumstances

Southern Los Padres Trekking Co. (SLPT Co.) reserves the right to cancel reservations due to environmental or other unforeseen circumstances. SLPT Co. is not responsible for delays or cancellation due to weather conditions, trail conditions, US Forest Service restrictions, or other unforeseen circumstances. We will make every effort to reschedule or offer advanced notice of route changes if and when possible. There will be no refunds for trips already in progress and trips will be charged according to the above cancellation policy. Unforeseen conditions including weather can affect field conditions and subsequently client safety. We reserve the right to turn around, change or modify all trips at any time. If a trip is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control and there is no practical alternative, a trip credit equal to the full amount paid will be issued.



On some trips, with prior client approval or by client request, SLPT Co. will bring our own trail dog(s) Lilly or Scout (Masha the uberhund is retired). Clients are not permitted to bring their own dogs unless expressly approved in advance by SLPT Co. Unless dogs are already well accustomed and conditioned to hiking and to various trail conditions, they can easily become injured, ill, or lost. If you wish to bring your own dog, please discuss with us well in advance and we will review each individual request thoroughly. SLPT Co. will not be held responsible or liable for your pet's actions, care, or loss.


Many of our treks are great for children, and our guide has a wealth of experience teaching kids about the outdoors. Children aged 2 and under are free, but parents are responsible for providing their food. We can provide a child carrier for you to carry your toddler, if desired (similar to this). Children aged 2-5 will be charged 50% of the full rate and will be provided limited gear, but meals and snacks will be provided. Children aged 6-10 will be charged 75% of the full rate, and will be provided appropriate gear, as well as meals and snacks. Children aged 11 and up will be charged at the full rate and will be provided full gear suited to their size, as well as meals and snacks. Please let us know the ages and activity levels of your children so we can help you select a trek well-suited to them. Let's get them outdoors!

Communications in the Backcountry

There is virtually no cellular service in the backcountry. Our guide is equipped with a satellite phone for emergency use, as well as a GPS locator. So relax, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy being disconnected from technology for a while.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for day treks or overnight backpacking treks, and make wonderful birthday or holiday gifts!

Birthday Celebrations

A day trek can be a fantastic and unique children's birthday celebration - the max group size is 8, so we recommend 4-6 kids and 2-4 supervising adults, depending on the age range. Contact us to discuss options and recommendations. 

An overnight trek is a wonderful way to celebrate an adult "milestone" birthday. Get a group of friends together and we'll provide an epic adventure!